Poké Me redefines the original Hawaiian Poké bowl through the fusion of a Japanese inspired flavour spectrum.

Essentially, it’s a delicious deconstructed sushi bowl with a modern twist of Japanese flavour and inspiration. Poké Me is all about maintaining an awesome company culture and having a motivated team dedicated to serving customers to a consistently high standard.

Poké Me started in 2016 as a joint venture by Leigh Morgan and Toby Yap, with its first permanent space in Melbourne. What began with the idea of transforming the traditional Hawaiian poke bowls into a deconstructed sushi bowl (not forgetting their unique Japanese twist), quickly escalated to something more. Everyone was hooked. Poké Me​ ​became such a success that the team decided to expand.

Poké Me​ ​was introduced to Adelaide in early 2017 and was warmly received by Adelaide’s food critics. The Adelaide franchise is a joint venture with Port Adelaide Power AFL players, Hamish Hartlett and Tom Jonas.

Poké Me now has a national footprint with 3 established sites, two in Melbourne – located in South Yarra and Hawthorn and the other situated in the Adelaide CBD. The Hawthorn zrestaurant is a joint venture with Victorian AFL players Travis Cloke, Tyson Goldsack and Alex Fasolo who were fans of the original South Yarra restaurant and wanted to get involved with their own site.

The South Yarra location is regularly one of Australia’s highest ranked UberEATS partners and the group is recognised as one of the most popular restaurants available on the UberEATS app. Together, the three permanent Poké Me restaurants provide bowlfuls of colour, fresh ingredients and positive vibes to the masses.

This is only the beginning of this prominent brand’s success and growth plans. The group intends to solidify its presence, not only in the major cities such as Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, but also in specific popular suburbs around the country too.

Poké Me is a lifestyle movement built on fresh and fast food. The ideal candidate will believe in this mission and be a valuable asset to the network – aka The Fresh Team. They should look to maintain consistent service delivery and contribute to the Fresh Movement with passion and enthusiasm.

Poké Me has gained a great reputation locally for its friendly yet efficient customer service, upbeat and vibrant atmosphere and their variety of delicious ingredients that are guilt-free and always fresh. As a licensee, you would have access to:

— The management’s expertise in the QSR and Hospitality industry

— A proven business model with great growth potential

— An established brand in the healthy food restaurant space

— Internal systems and processes designed to improve and enhance your managerial capabilities


This is a great opportunity for the right candidate to become part of a successful network and a brand well on its way to becoming an established market leader.

Contact our recruitment team for a confidential discussion to learn more about the available opportunities and becoming a licensee with Poké Me.


Poké Me is a bowl full of fresh

Quick food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. We are actively challenging the way that people think about food. We value fresh: It’s all about the ingredients. Fresh, local produce prepared in-store and made to order right in front of your eyes.

Poké Me is sustainable and responsible

We want our customers to feel good in the knowledge that 100% of our ingredients and packaging are produced in a sustainable and ethical manner. Our fish is sustainably caught and responsibly sourced ensuring that only the best quality protein is delivered straight to your bowl. Even your bowl is ethical – made from recycled materials and kind to the environment.

Poké Me feels finesse

We value finesse: It’s the Japanese element of Poké Me, respect the ingredients and pay attention to every detail. The cutting of the fish, presentation, and the customer experience, are all to a level that elevates us from the rest, resulting in unparalleled service and customer retention.

Poké Me is faster than fast

We value fast: It’s not fast food; it’s about getting hungry customers fed, the fresh way! We source and prepare only the freshest ingredients and create an experience where our consumers can pick what they want, and get what they want fast.

Leigh Morgan


In 2011 Leigh Co-founded of Vinomofo.com. This business is now operating in three countries & boasts over $150 million revenue since launch. Since leaving the wine industry, Leigh has co-founded a range of successful companies including Mismatch Brewing Company, UTONIC Beverages, as well as expanding into hospitality with The Poké Me Group, an Adelaide-based hotel group and a collection of Australian accommodation sites.

Toby Yap


With more than 15 years as a senior executive in the international beverage and hospitality industries, Toby is a leader in operations, product innovation and global marketing strategy. Toby is a co-founder & director of several successful companies across multiple industries, including the Poké Me Group, Utonic Beverages, Tomfoolery Wines, & Escapod.

Candidates wanting to join the Poké Me team have to be creative thinkers and able to contribute fresh and innovative ideas to the business. From the latest trends in health and nutrition to best practices in managing the front of house and everything in between, they should be willing to uphold our values and have the ability to comply with standards and practices identified by head office.

We want candidates with a sociable personality who can influence and turn their immediate circle of friends and acquaintances into customers. Someone who embodies our brand vision and is proud to wear their branded Poké Me t-shirt. Ultimately, they are a born leader with a resilient attitude.

It is important that they are able to influence people within their immediate circles i.e. gyms, local communities or sports teams and networks. Being a self-starter comes naturally, people management is a given and they have the ability to balance their commitments, while investing time into nurturing clients and promoting the brand.

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Licensees will benefit from joining a growing and successful business that is dedicated to best practices and ensuring that the business is built on quality and freshness.

Key benefits include:

— A simple business system
— Low labour costs
— Minimal onsite preparation
— Ongoing guidance and support
— Cashless operations
— Advanced technology systems

Marketing & Operations

Poké Me looks after it’s licensees by providing a helping hand with the day to day aspects of the business, such as store operations, staff training and marketing activities. These support services provide a great foundation for a thriving, successful business. Marketing strategies include consistent activity, interaction and promotion on Facebook and Instagram.

Original & Prominent Brand

Poké Me is a brand that thrives on its rich, colourful and fresh identity. The brand has fast become the leader in the dynamic Poké space, standing out from the crowd with their unique twist and brand identity.​ ​ The brand maintains its reputation for its Japanese influence and originality. Poké Me is also known for its innovative menu style, fresh colourful ingredients and their in-store experience.

Proven & Profitable

The Poké Me business model is tried, tested and unique.​ ​Built on simplicity, the brand has grown from strength to strength in a short space of time. The efficiency of the business is simple and easy to understand, providing the licensee with a favourable work-life balance. No chefs are required and low staff numbers ensures that wage costs are kept to a minimum.

Suppliers & Connections

Poké Me has an excellent working relationship with their main suppliers. Everything from fresh produce and store supplies are sourced through reliable local or national vendors to ensure consistent standards, high quality and budget control. Poké Me is represented by a number of celebrity ambassadors and is often the key supplier of healthy meals to large corporates and professional sporting teams.

Mentorship and Expertise

The Poké Me team will support its licensees every step of the way. Once on board, full training will be provided for all licensees, including head office experience, a minimum of two weeks in-store training and continued support throughout the agreement.

Establishment Costs

The​ ​cost​ ​for​ ​setting​ ​up​ ​and​ ​running​ ​a​ Poké Me business ​ranges​ ​between​ ​$250,000​ ​and $350,000.​ Final​ ​establishment​ ​costs​ ​will​ ​vary​ ​depending​ ​on​ ​location​ ​and ​format. Contact​ ​us​ ​for​ ​a​ ​personal​ ​consultation​ ​about​ ​costs​ ​and​ ​other​ ​important​ ​aspects​ ​of​ ​this opportunity.