Our Story


The thing about wearing your heart on your sleeve is it takes courage, confidence and a lot of vulnerability.

In 1977, having left Thailand, our Aunty did the courageous thing. Leading with her heart she muscled up the courage to open her own Thai restaurant in Sydney.

As you can imagine, the world was a very different place. Thai food in Australia was almost non-existent. It was a time before foodies, Master Chef and even your local barista.

She knew that Australia had to try Thai food. She knew that Australia was going to be her home. So one meal at a time, she set out to win the hearts of her customers. She wanted to reunite our family in Australia and she did this in the kitchen, with a wok and a hot flame.

Her bold vision was about her legacy, unity, family and perseverance.

Today 40 years on, my brother and I are here, building on our Auntie’s vision. We know a lot about authentic Thai food and our Auntie’s recipes have a big part in that. We are honouring her values and what she achieved.

Stay true to yourself and feed the world with authenticity and compassion. It’s our commitment, to bring together the best flavours of traditional Thai food and have fun along the way.

Monkey King, is for everyone who takes food seriously, but not themselves. The compassionate and playful amongst us, who share moments with friends and family.

So welcome to our kitchen and let us fire up the flame and cook you a meal, to warm your heart.

The Monkey King

Thai Food



Australia loves a bit of Thai. It’s the country’s 3rd most popular international cuisine; in spite of that there is no leading chain player in the market.

With more Thai restaurants opening doors everyday, the competition seems intense. But the industry is not exactly known for its consistency in service and food delivery. Restaurants don’t seem to have any systems in place to optimise operations.

Monkey King’s franchise model is unique and able to offer a lot more than what the market currently does. We’ve addressed the problems faced by Thai restaurants. And the result is simply ‘better’. The food is prepared to a higher standard. The service is designed to delight patrons. Technology is used to improve operations and deliver a superb Thai food experience:

The food gets to the plate quicker, enables you to serve more customers.

Ensures customers experience that famous Thai hospitality and come back for more.

Provide real time insights to help improve operations. Improves food ordering and delivery.

Delivers a visual feast complimenting a memorable dining experience.

And above all, you’ll be mentored and guided by our managing team. We’ll transfer all our knowledge of the hospitality business to you. You will have all the support needed to make your restaurant run successfully.

Our goal is to expand to over 10 new locations by the end of 2018. We’re looking for people with commercial savvy and a passion for Thai hospitality.

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Our Values

Heart on

Humility and veracity is how we operate.


Wake up with a smile on your face every day and enjoy what you do.

Keeping Your

Dedication to your customers, to the food and to the business.

Bold &

Rise to the challenge to take Monkey King Thai across Australia and the world.

Am I A Good Fit?

As a Monkey King Thai franchisee, you’ll become part of a family that’s growing a worldwide business.

Our vision is to take Thai food to the world.

We’d like you to:

• Possess a can do attitude
• Have a willingness to learn
• Not be afraid to dream big
• Take the Monkey King philosophy to heart
• Take ownership of brand growth

There’s no formula to becoming a Monkey King Thai franchisee. You may want to step out of the corporate world into a better life. Maybe you have years of hospitality experience and are ready to step up your game. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what’s important to us is your attitude and commitment to the business. And for you to share and respect our values.

A Monkey King Thai franchise will give you a sense of purpose. It’s an accomplishment you can be truly proud of.

The Team

Top K. Jitrakthaipakdee

Top is the Monkey King Thai founder and CEO, and he knows a thing or two about running a restaurant. His business experience beyond restaurants qualifies Top as a great team leader.

Top has a Masters degree in International Business and a decade of experience as senior Asia Pacific IBM leader. He’s also certified in Project Management and the Six Sigma method. He’s coached and mentored 30 senior managers and is excited to pass on his experience and knowledge to you.

Trane P. Mongkolworanan

As the COO and co-founder of Monkey King Thai, Trane oversees the ongoing operations of the business. With a Master of Commerce, Trane has two key responsibilities:

1- Assess market opportunity
2- Make educated decisions on how to be the best.

He’s ready to take Monkey King Thai to new heights.

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Going Beyond That Famous Thai Hospitality

The Thai culture is known for warm customer service. Monkey King Thai goes beyond that famous Thai hospitality and backs it with commercial savvy.

At its heart, Monkey King Thai is about good food and good people. With our commercial experience, we understand the value of supporting our team. We make sure everything from store design, menu and operational support receives due consideration. Our point of sale applications supply real time data on the customer experience. This helps us refine our processes. If something isn’t working, we identify and fix it.

We’ve dedicated three lifetimes to cooking. Our family passed their recipes to our Auntie, and our Auntie has passed her recipes to us. We’ve got the history, the skills, and the recipes, and we’re making them our own and sharing our food with you. It’s maximum benefit with minimum risk.

Commitment to Staff

Monkey King Thai is a very progressive brand and so is our approach towards our franchisees. We facilitate an environment where staff can learn about the business, the culture of the business and truly own their franchise.

We encourage open communications with staff at all levels. It empowers and inspires them. And gives them the confidence to produce great ideas.

We are a growth oriented business. We believe in letting our system and the way we operate help our people, so that our people can run their business.

Innovation in the Industry

We systemise our processes so you can maximise your efficiency as a restaurateur.We are innovators in the industry. We take a lean manufacturing approach in how we measure quality – a scientific method to improve business operations. Not sure what that means? That’s cool, we’ll get you up to speed in no time.

By evaluating every part of our business, we can measure and calculate perfection. From POS systems to kitchen layout, our goal is to create an easy flow so you can get food on the plate quicker, and customers in the door faster. Our online food ordering systems offer customers the flexibility and convenience to enjoy the Monkey King experience wherever, whenever.

Innovation and adapting technology is the key to staying on top. We encourage innovation and ideas. Ideas and input that’s going to take Monkey King Thai to the next level will always be welcome. We are committed to growing the Monkey King brand across Australia and beyond. And your passion and enthusiasm will be instrumental to our success.

Food That’s Always Fresh

Every Monkey King Thai will receive a regular supply of fresh produce. The food is prepared to meet the demands at a particular time. We have an obligation to the feed the freshest of ingredients and deliver the best quality food to our customers.

Pad Thai? No worries! Massaman Curry? Coming right up.

Our quest for culinary excellence is not just limited to fresh food. All Monkey King staff are trained on the different aspects of restaurant operations. From the chef to the front of house, we work together as a team. The food is prepared to consistent standards and the dining experience designed to make customers wanting to come back for more.

As an owner/operator, you will find a commercial process that you can adopt easily. You can quickly maximise your operational efficiencies and start earning a return on your investment.

Establishment Costs from: $200k

Contact us today for a personal consultation. Let’s get you started towards running your own Monkey King Thai franchise.