The 1st Choice

Rentals Story

We often take the things that we find in our homes for granted. But the simple fact is that those things are what turn a few walls and a roof into a home for someone. A fact that Ian and Annie Stewart knew all too well when, in 1995, they decided to start 1st Choice Rentals.

Whilst the housing market may experience ups and downs, the need for furnishing a home with everyday comforts and conveniences has and will always be there. In fact, with the advances in technology and communications, more equipment and appliances are finding their way into our homes than ever before.

As veterans in the household equipment rental industry, Ian and Annie understood the market dynamics better than most.

They knew the market had become too saturated with competition and the capital ambition of large corporates had pushed consumer convenience to the back seat in a bid to increase their margins. They came up with a different vision; by employing their industry expertise and know-how, they would create an equipment rentals business that would call upon the very essence of the industry: convenience and ease.

1st Choice Rentals’ brand ethos is simple: putting customers first. This philosophy has been the driving force behind from a small single location at Campbelltown NSW to what has now become a serious business with 9 locations across Australia. In true commitment to their vision, Ian and Annie have maintained a strong family orientation within the business, which exists to make their customers’ lives better.

The Opportunity

Economic factors such as changes in disposable income and technological innovations have really shaped the consumer household goods market into something completely different from years gone by. Today, consumer demand for household appliances and gadgets is at an all-time high and yet our capacity to spend money on these items is decreasing. The equipment hire and rental services have become more relevant than ever before.

The equipment hire industry is mature and subject to the scrutiny of many complex regulations and strong levels of competition. The high barriers to entry and capital-intensive nature of the business make it nearly impossible for small, independent operators to survive.

1st Choice Rentals has become a respected and trusted name in the market in the last 20 years. The 1st Choice Network is looking to expand its national footprint across the country.


– – Proven Business Model

– – Established and Recognised Brand or Trading Name

– – Start-up and Ongoing Training and Support

– – Lower Risk of Failure

– – Marketing and Operational Support

– – An opportunity to establish yourself in a growing market &

– – The recurring nature of revenue makes the business predictable and risk averse

And perhaps most importantly, you will be encouraged and mentored by Ian & Annie Stewart. Your determination and enthusiasm will be complimented by all the help and support you need from the network to ensure your success.

The 1st Choice Network aims to expand to over 15 locations over the next 2 years and is looking for associates who share their vision and desire to succeed.


Let’s talk about this amazing opportunity.


1st Choice Rentals is about offering consumers a choice and making their lives better. These values are a true reflection of the 1st Choice philosophy.


1st Choice Rentals exists to improve the lives of its customers by enabling them to access household items. The inventory always reflects the latest and in-demand products on the market and the customer service standards are the best in class.


1st Choice Rentals offers the most comprehensive range of products offered by any equipment rental provider in the country. Our coverage across all in-home and outdoor equipment and appliance categories sets us apart and gives more choice to our customers.


Our customers are the real reason why our business is successful. We must ensure that they are satisfied with our services and trust our brand to continue to serve their needs in the future. We believe in establishing long term relationships with our clients and keeping them happy.

The Team

Ian & Annie Stewart – Founders

Ian Stewart is a veteran of the household goods rental industry. He brings with him, years upon years of expertise in Credit Management and has worked with some of the biggest names in the goods rental business such as Radio Rentals and Rentlo. Ian is also a founding member of CHERPA (The Consumer Household Equipment Rental Providers Association Inc.) and currently serves as Vice President for the peak body representing the interests of Australia’s household goods rental industry.

In the early 90s after a long stint with Rentlo as Credit Manager, Ian and his partner Annie ventured on their own and founded a Mercantile Agency providing debt collection services for all major providers of goods rental services in the Sydney metropolitan area. With Ian managing the legwork and Annie deploying her in-house managerial expertise, they soon found success.

A few years later, an opportunity presented itself and the daring duo decided to buy out one of the companies they represented in the Campbelltown area. This went on to become 1st Choice Rentals, which today has a national presence across Australia.

With over 50 years of combined experience and over 20 acquisitions to their credit, there is simply no match for their expertise. Rest assured, if there is anything to be known about goods rentals, Ian and Annie have the subject covered.

Am I A Good Fit?

As part of the 1st Choice Network, the associates would be working closely alongside the top management. The organisation runs a very flat hierarchical model and the owners are always keen to communicate freely. The business can be very demanding and there are a few top line qualities that could help set you apart from other candidates:

– – Possess the right balance of determination and street smarts

– – Business savvy, entrepreneurial mindset

– – Hands on approach

– – Be physically able as the job literally involves some ‘heavy lifting’

– – People centric, sociable, relatable and friendly personality

– – Disciplined approach; able to follow established procedures

There’s no set formula to becoming a 1st Choice Network Associate. You may want to step out of the corporate world and become more independent. You may be an independent player in the hires/rental market, ready to step up your game.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, what’s important to us is your attitude and commitment to the business – for you to share and respect our values.


Benefits of becoming a 1st
Choice Network Associate

What makes 1st Choice Rentals unique is the wealth of knowledge and experience that Ian and Annie have invested into the business. With over 50 years of combined experience and over 20 acquisitions to their credit, there is simply no match for their expertise. Ian has also had the distinguished honour of having served as the Vice President of the Consumer Household Equipment Rental Providers Association (CHERPA). Rest assured, if there is anything to be known about equipment rentals, Ian and Annie have the subject covered.


1st Choice Rentals’ Associate Network is an opportunity for a candidate to join a collaborative team. You can grow a business of your own whilst having the benefit of operating under the safety of the licensor’s umbrella:


The network associates will be able to benefit from a range of support services from the head office, including

– – Local Area Marketing

– – Funding Support

– – Access to Suppliers

– – Product Sourcing & Pricing

– – Procurement & Ordering

– – Rate Negotiations

– – Business Insights

The 1st Choice Rentals business has established systems and processes to ensure efficiency and continuity of the business. Moreover, the network associates will receive ongoing help and support in all areas of the business.



This is a truly unique aspect of the 1st Choice associate model. The licensor will contribute 50% of inventory costs, making this a co-investment. The co-ownership model reduces the financial burden and risk undertaken by the associate and affords them the freedom to focus on running the business and achieving their targets.


1st Choice Rentals has also made significant strides with the integration of digital technology into our systems and business processes. The online platform is robust and fully connected with the inventory system. This enables the business to utilise its database for marketing and promotional activities and also provides useful insights and data with regards to sales trends and capturing valuable business information.



1st Choice Rentals is a high performing team that adheres to the highest standards of service delivery. Head Office has instituted a performance-based rewards system to keep the associates motivated. There are performance benchmarks such as collection of arrears, number of client deliveries, application turnaround times, repairs processing and follow up on service level and standards that are used to determine the level of associate performance.


The​ ​cost​ ​for​ ​setting​ ​up​ ​and​ ​running​ ​a​ 1st Choice Rentals business will start from $50,000.​ Contact​ ​us​ ​for​ ​a​ ​personal​ ​consultation​ ​about​ ​costs​ ​and​ ​other​ ​important​ ​aspects​ ​of​ ​this exciting business opportunity.


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